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Anti-wrinkle Injections

Using only the best  - Botox®

Anti-wrinkle injections of Botulinium Toxin to treat lines, wrinkles and smooth skin.  Several brands of Botulinium toxin exist which Is why the price ranges so vastly between practitioners.  

Here at Radiant Glow & Aesthetics we only use the best - Botox is the first brand of botox and the only one utilised within the NHS.

Man Getting Botox

Price List

Our Offers

1 Area


one area of Botox®
eg Crows Feet

2 Areas


Two areas of Botox®
eg Frown Lines & Glabella

3 Areas


Three areas of Botox®
eg Frown lines, Glabella & Crows Feet


Duration of Treatment

Botox® takes approximately 30 minutes to include the consultation to establish the individual needs for each patient, the treatment and then any post treatment care and opportunity to answer your questions.

Patients must first attend a consultation with Kayleigh, our Pharmacist Independent Prescriber who will assess and prescribe the required amount of Botox before a separate treatment can be booked and administered.

Please note the current guidelines DO NOT allow remote consultations for the prescribing of Botox, as Botox is a prescription only medicine it legally needs to be prescribed to you only.

Recovery Time

No recovery time is required post treatment. 

Occasionally some slight bruising, redness or minor swelling may occur.

Saunas, hot tub, vigorous exercise and alcohol should be avoided for 24-48 hours post treatment.

Course length

An individual treatment takes up to 14 days to show full results.  Often results will begin to show 3 days post treatment.

A treatment lasts approx 3-6 months, depending on individual response, this can be affected by metabolism, muscle strength sun exposure etc.  

A top up is possible between 14-21 days post treatment.


  • 1 area              £120

  • 2 areas            £200

  • 3 areas            £220

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