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Dermal Fillers

using only the best  - Juvederm®

Dermal fillers from the Juvederm range to treat lines, wrinkles, add volume and smooth skin.

Fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, this can help the skin appear fresher, increased volume, and rejuvenated by improving texture and lines.

Man Getting Botox

Price List

Guide price only - price to be finalised upon consultation

Juvederm 3 

from £125

suitable for nasal labial, melolabial and marionette lines, lips

Duration approx 6 months

Juvederm 3 - each additional ml


volume over 1ml charged per additional ml

Juvederm Volbella/Volift


suitable for deeper lines, nasal labial, melolabial and marionette lines, lips, 

Duration approx 12+ months

Juvederm Volbella/Volift-each additional ml


suitable for deeper lines, nasal labial, melolabial and marionette lines, lips, smokers lines (volbella)

Duration approx 12+ months


Duration of Treatment

Juvederm® takes approximately an hour to include the consultation to establish the individual needs for each patient, the treatment and then any post treatment care and opportunity to answer your questions.

Recovery Time

No recovery time is required post treatment. 

Occasionally some slight bruising, redness or swelling may occur.

Saunas, hot tub, vigorous exercise and alcohol should be avoided for 24-48 hours post treatment.

Course length

Results can be seen immediately although some redness and swelling is normal, takes a few days to show full results.

A treatment lasts approx 6-18 months, depending on individual response.  


TBC subject to facial assessment.

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