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Do you want to get rid of stubborn fat for good ....?

A brand new fat freeze, contour & sculpt clinic is launching at Radiant Glow Aesthetics Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Gelida Medica, to bring you Cryo21 and IOS-21 which are both amazing treatments to help reduce stubborn fat and aid toning of both body and face.

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What is CRYO 21?

Cryo21 is a 360° cryotherapy technology that utilises cryolipolysis to help reduce fat, tighten and rejuvenate the skin with anti-aging benefits. It works by tightening skin and removing fat cells through a process called apoptosis.

The benefits of Cryo21 include: - Improved blood circulation - Increased collagen production in your skin (which helps reduce wrinkles) - Reduction of cellulite by breaking down fatty deposits under your skin

Cryo21 treatments are a great way to reduce the appearance of fat, tighten skin and improve the overall appearance of the body. The procedure is non-invasive, so there’s no downtime or recovery period!

The results from Cryo21 treatments include:

Fat Reduction – This treatment can help achieve a slimmer physique by reducing unwanted fat in targeted areas such as thighs or stomachs. It also works well for cellulite reduction because it breaks down stubborn cellulite deposits beneath the surface of ythe skin.

Skin Tightening – As we age our skin loses its elasticity which causes sagging and wrinkles over time. Cryotherapy helps restore this lost elasticity by stimulating collagen production within the dermis layer (the second layer) of our epidermis (outermost layer). This helps maintain youthful looking skin without having surgery.

How Does Cryo21 Work? Cryo21 works to remove fat cells through a process called apoptosis. This programmed cell death happens naturally in the body, but Cryo21 helps speed up the process to get the desired results. Cryolpolysis is the process of using extreme cold to freeze the fat cell, promoting apoptosis. This removes the fat cell, and its contents is broken down and eliminated by the bodies natural lymphatic system. The results continue to develop over 14 days post treatment.

What Areas Can be Treated with Cryo21? Cryo21 can be used anywhere on the body, the face to ‘Freeze Firm’, neck, arms, stomach, hips and buttocks. It can also be used on legs.

Cryo21 is a safe and effective treatment for reducing fat, tightening skin and improving skin conditions. With no adverse side effects and no downtime it is a great option for those looking for a non-invasive treatment.

With Cryo21 it is common for clients to lose approximately 12 cm around stomach after 4-6 treatments without any type of surgery!

FACE Treatments

  • Tissue firming

  • Wrinkles reduction

  • Double chin reduction

  • Premature aging treatment

  • Treatment of Skin conditions such as: Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne

  • Lip hydration

  • Reduces inflammation

BODY Treatments

Decreases in the number of fat cells

  • Elimination of localised cellulite

  • Lymphatic and venous drainage

  • Skin toning & tightening

  • Body sculpting

  • Slimming and reshaping

  • Improvement of blood circulation

  • Pain Management

What is IOS 21?

The IOS21 device, the first EMS device that can be used for treatments on both the body and the face IOS21 Muscle Stimulation technology works by transmitting perfectly safe and pain free electro stimulation contractions via individual electrodes that are connected to the muscles on the surface of the skin. Often these muscle motor points have lost tone due to muscle inactivity. The fast contraction and subsequent relaxation of the individual muscles during the treatment, and the precise positioning of the electrodes allows this machine to target specific areas of the body with the right electro wave for the desired result the client needs.

During muscle contraction, energy is collected from the surrounding tissue and adipocyte content comes out, which allows the transformation of fat into glucose at the metabolic level. This process is called Lipolysis (splitting of fats). Depending on the wave type used, we have different muscle contraction, so different results can be achieved depending on the clients needs.

Using Gelida’s IOS21 electro stimulator, the muscles are contracted 150 times stronger than normal exercise in the gym. Burning calories with electro stimulation gets your clients body into shape with visible results after just one treatment.

IOS 21 and Cryo 21 can be used independently but when combined together provide the ultimate treatment to really maximise results.

How do these treatments differ from Cool Sculpting?

Whilst both of these use cryotherapy/cryolipolysis to eliminate unwanted fat cells, many other devices such as Cool Sculpting use cups and vacuums to aid treatment and this has been shown to have side effects such as bruising, swelling and paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH). As Cryo21 does not utilise cups or vacuum and is purely operated by hand it cannot cause these side effects.

Before & Afters


This was x1 treatment of cryo21

Instant tightening of the lower arm, bingo wing area.

Image obtained 26/10/23 at Radiant Glow Aesthetics Ltd.

Ultimate Sculpt Treatment

Cryo21 & IOS21

Image obtained 26/10/23 at Radiant Glow Aesthetics Ltd.

This combined x1 treatment of Cryo21 across the entire stomach/abdomen area and also x1 treatment of IOS21 to activate and target the muscles.

Instant toning and tightening of the stomach with significant tightening observed around the ribs and belly button.

Some packages can be found in our plans & pricing section on the website, with many more options to be added very soon, The Sculpt clinic will be held on FRIDAYS only initially.

Get in touch to discuss the best treatments available for your own goals, allowing us to create a bespoke treatment plan just for you.



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